Our Mission Statement

Hope 80/20 is dedicated to improving lives and reducing health care burdens by providing the resources, coaching, and encouragement that sparks lifelong health & wellness practices within communities and corporations.

Hope 80/20 CEO Maurice Saliba


Maurice Saliba is a highly recognized motivational speaker and trainer.

He has been featured on many well-known programs about how to stay healthy and beat disease in its tracks. After 30 years of owning health and personal training studios, Maurice Saliba founded Hope 80/20 knowing that he needed to create a large-scale solution for the health burdens of our communities and corporations.

Led by his passion and experience, Hope 80/20 provides the resources, accountability, and encouragement needed to minimize preventable disease risk factors and improve quality of life.

33% of Americans are pre-diabetic, with 10% diagnosed as diabetic each year. If this trend continues, as many as 1 out of every 3 adults in the United States could have diabetes by 2050.

The Hope 80/20 program addresses the pre-diabetic population through a unique program developed by Maurice Saliba, a highly recognized motivational speaker and trainer with 30 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, and a proven track record in creating programs with positive results.

Through his experience as a CDC Certified Diabetes Prevention Program instructor, Maurice saw an opportunity to expand the success of the program design by meeting needs not addressed through the costly group, face-to-face CDC Diabetes Prevention Program.

Hope 80/20 is the first in the nation to bring the CDC Diabetes Program to video format, reaching those segments of the population that were excluded from traditional program offerings.