The Importance of the Pre-Diabetes Quiz

Note: This email is supposed to send after taking the pre-diabetes quiz. If you have not already taken the quiz, please take the 60-second quiz HERE to see if you are at risk of developing diabetes. Pre-diabetes is a medical state where your body’s blood glucose levels are higher than normal, but just under that of a full-blown type 2 … Read More

This One Factor Increases Your Risk of Diabetes by 80 Times!

Obesity is the single biggest predictor of type 2 diabetes.  In fact, a study from Diabetes UK found that obese individuals are 80 times more likely to develop diabetes than those with a regular body mass index. Diabetes can increase your risk of serious illness including heart disease, stroke, blindness, and even amputations of limbs.  In fact, it is estimated … Read More

What are the Dangers of Becoming Diabetic?

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes? Maybe you have taken a quiz like which indicates you are high-risk of becoming diabetic. If so, you are not alone. In fact, in the US alone there are 100 million adults now living with diabetes or prediabetes, according to a new report from the CDC.  The … Read More

What is Pre-Diabetes? Plus 5 Proven Tips to Reverse Pre-Diabetes

1 in 3 American Adults has Pre-Diabetes. Do You? 1 in 3! That is a staggering number. If you do not have it, chances are one of your family members does. Even more shocking is that 90% of those with pre-diabetes do not know they have it. Having pre-diabetes also significantly increases your likelihood of serious illness if it’s left … Read More