Resistance training or cardio workouts—what’s the difference?

There is a huge difference between resistance training and cardiovascular workouts.  You need to know that the word cardiovascular relates to heart and vessels and is not a muscle building activity.  It directly benefits the heart, lungs and improve air and blood circulation.  Now, when it comes to weight loss, how beneficial is cardio workouts?  Most people think that because … Read More

Stress Can Prevent Weight Loss!

I believe that stress is not only the number killer in the world, but it could hinder your weight loss plan. Stress is something that impacts everyone’s life. Stress can impact someone’s life through many different events, such as, getting married, an illness, changing jobs, having a flat tire, needing to run errands, and even something as small as losing … Read More

My Top Nine Supplements and When to Take Them

I am not a fan of all the supplements in our industry but I usually recommend a few to my clients. Remember supplements are not intended to replace the natural food. This is why they’re called supplements. They’re designed to replace that 10-20% of the nutrients that we don’t receive from our food today. Always take your supplements on a … Read More

Online Diabetes Prevention Programs Work!

A recent study of 340 pre-diabetic adults proves that online diabetes prevention programs are extremely effective. In fact, a research team led by Dr. Gladys Block, scientific director of Berkeley, California’s Turnaround Health, found that participants in an online diabetes prevention program were more likely to make changes to prevent diabetes progression. These changes resulted in reduced glucose, weight, metabolic … Read More

TVPPA Partners with Hope 8020

When it comes to wellness, especially diabetes prevention, Maurice Saliba does more than walk his talk – he’s gotten hundreds of people to walk it as well. In 2008, he led 300 people in and near his hometown of Cleveland, TN, in what he called a “mission of motivation, education and exercise.” Two years later, some 600 people had lost … Read More

Hope 80/20 Inspires EPB Employees to Achieve Extraordinary Results

Six months ago, 133 EPB employees began a life-long journey toward a better quality of life by signing up for – and sticking with – EPB’s Quest program. By mid-summer there was cause for celebration with awards that recognized their achievement of realizing better physical and mental well-being. “There is no greater feeling than helping people live a better life,” … Read More