Simple Tips to Safeguard Against the Top 10 Deadliest Diseases

1. Coronary Heart Disease: Killed (7.4M) in 2012, 13.2% of all deaths. / Prevention: Lower blood pressure, low fat food, eat more fish cause it’s high in Omega 3. Avoid: Red meat, Palm and Coconut oil, as well as sugar. 2. Stroke: Killed (6.7M), 11.9% of all deaths. Artery in the brain is blocked or leaks. Oxygen deprived brain cells … Read More

Maurice’s Guide to Preventing Injuries While Working Out

Whether you’re a hardcore body builder or a once in a while exerciser, it’s important to help your body not only prepare for the workouts but also recover from them. Did you know, for example, not taking the time to cool down after a strenuous workout can potentially lead to fitness injuries, heart damage, and even fainting? Have you ever … Read More

How to Save Money on Food — And Feel Good, Too!

Saving money when purchasing food can be quite a challenge; especially with so many food choices, food allergies, food modifications, and food warnings. Plus, the days of grocery shopping for meals to be shared at home is no longer the norm, with many people choosing to spend much of their hard earned dollar eating out or on the go, rather … Read More

Five chemicals to avoid in food!

Why are we all getting bigger? And why is it so hard to lose weight? If these questions were easily answered, we’d all have tiny waists, tabloids would go out of business and “diet” would go back to meaning “what a person eats” — rather than describing a multi-billion dollar industry telling people what not to eat. Part of the … Read More

Milk? Really?

It seems that the more research I do about nutrition and food related topics, the more discourage I’ve become.  Would you ever have thought that there’s silver in our milk, salad dressings and cheese?  I didn’t.  The article below will shock you because it did me.  Please note that the justification to why the food industry continues to add chemicals … Read More

BPA and plastic in your home!

After working hard all morning, many people look forward to their lunch breaks. They carry their food into the kitchen, over to the microwave, pop the lid off their Tupperware, and heat up their lunch. However, many Americans are unaware of the shocking side effects that come from buying plastics that aren’t BPA free. This article will focus on the … Read More

Resistance training or cardio workouts—what’s the difference?

There is a huge difference between resistance training and cardiovascular workouts.  You need to know that the word cardiovascular relates to heart and vessels and is not a muscle building activity.  It directly benefits the heart, lungs and improve air and blood circulation.  Now, when it comes to weight loss, how beneficial is cardio workouts?  Most people think that because … Read More

Stress Can Prevent Weight Loss!

I believe that stress is not only the number killer in the world, but it could hinder your weight loss plan. Stress is something that impacts everyone’s life. Stress can impact someone’s life through many different events, such as, getting married, an illness, changing jobs, having a flat tire, needing to run errands, and even something as small as losing … Read More

My Top Nine Supplements and When to Take Them

I am not a fan of all the supplements in our industry but I usually recommend a few to my clients. Remember supplements are not intended to replace the natural food. This is why they’re called supplements. They’re designed to replace that 10-20% of the nutrients that we don’t receive from our food today. Always take your supplements on a … Read More