National Diabetes Prevention Program

Meet your coach!

Maurice Saliba is a highly recognized motivational speaker and trainer with more than thirty years experience in the health and fitness business. He has been featured on many well-known programs about how to stay healthy and defeat disease.

Maurice founded Hope 80/20 because his passion is to create a large scale solution for the health burdens of people in our communities and corporations. Maurice was among the first group of people in the nation to be certified as a Diabetes Prevention Coach by the CDC.

Why is this important?

One-third of the adults in America are considered pre-diabetic. Ten percent of adults develop diabetes every year. At that rate, by the year 2050, 33% of American adults will have diabetes. Here’s the truth—diabetes is preventable!

Maurice has worked with literally thousands of people to shed tens of thousands of pounds. Many have been taken off of their medications by their physicians. Others have reduced their medications dramatically. Their reduction in weight has improved the quality of their lives.

Diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases affecting adults today, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By making some adjustments in how and what you eat, increasing your daily activity, and learning a little about health and nutrition, you can take control of your life today and in the future.

About the course

The Diabetes Prevention Program is based on curriculum developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Research has proven it works. The CDC conducted a study of 3000 adults broken into three groups.

  • The first group made no changes in diet or activity.
  • The second group only took medication for diabetes.
  • The third group completed the CDC Diabetes Prevention Program.

The results are illustrated in the graphic below. Adults under 60-years-old who completed the program reduced their risk of diabetes by 58%. Those over 60 who completed the program reduced their risk of diabetes by 71%.

Research studies and personal experiences continue to show the success of this program. It helps people lose weight, remain active, and delay or prevent type 2 diabetes.  Through engaging videos and workbook interactions, Maurice Saliba will coach you through the entire program. You’ll have access to additional support and resources, as well.