Going at it alone is risky.
But with the right support you can FLOURISH.

Did you know?

97% of dieters gain their weight back plus an average of 20% more within 3 years!

Where will you be without support and a plan?

Let’s ensure you receive the motivation, tracking, accountability, and support you need to permanently succeed.

Introducing FLOURISH with Hope 80/20.

FLOURISH is our exclusive membership program for those who have already completed the Hope 80/20 Diabetes Prevention and Weight Loss Program. This plan gives you continued access to what you already know and love about Hope 80/20, plus some unique features only available to Hope 80/20 program graduates!

Here is what you can expect from FLOURISH:

More Motivation

Get your weekly dose of motivation and practical guidance in our group coaching webinars with our Lead Health Coach, Amy Hardesty, our CEO Mark West, and other guest industry experts.

Food & Lifestyle Tracking

Track your food intake, lifestyle choices, and daily activity all within one innovative health app.

Same Proven Course. Now On-Demand.

You have on-demand access to our Weight Loss and Diabetes Prevention Program.  There is now no need to wait for the next session to unlock.  You can skip modules, rewatch sessions, and deep-dive into the content that matters to you most.

On-Demand Resource Library

Not only do you get to join in live each week in our group coaching webinars, you also get recordings of ALL past and future webinars!  The value you get continues to grow each week!

Thousands of Exclusive, Food Database and Calories Calculator

Gain access to thousands of food database for Nutrition facts plus the tool that will help calculate your food calories.

Weekly Inspirational Emails from Coach Amy

Get a little weekly inspiration, health tips or resources delivered right to your email inbox each week exclusively available to our FLOURISH members.

Group Accountability

Plus you receive all the powerful benefits and resources of group support within our Inner Circle Facebook Group. 
All of this is a $500 value.

This beta program now available to founding members for only $7/mo.

So why risk going at it alone when we can help you FLOURISH?

30-Day Money Back Guarantee | No Hassle. Cancel Anytime.


Common Questions:

Can I still access the videos from the online course?

Absolutely! Best of all, as a past member who has completed the Diabetes Prevention and Weight Loss Program you now have full access to all videos on-demand. This means there is no delay between videos and you can skip around the course as you like, so if you want to revisit the info from a specific section, you may rewatch the videos again. We’re even giving you a new mobile app exclusively available to our FLOURISH group that allows you to easily watch anytime, anywhere.

Can I access all the original PDF downloads?

Yes!  All PDF’s from the Diabetes Prevention and Weight Loss Program are viewable on-the-go right within the new, exclusive  mobile app only available to FLOURISH members.  You may view them anytime, download them or print them right from the app.

Do I still get to join in on the weekly webinars?

Definitely!  You will receive invites to join in live on the weekly webinars, plus you will receive access to recorded webinars of all past and future webinars which is an ever-growing library packed with so much value and information to support you on your health journey.

Is this a Beta Program?

Yes, it is!  We’ve invested a significant amount of time into gathering feedback from students and building a program we believe you will find invaluable in your path to long-term success.  Our goal is to continue to provide value many, many times over the small investment that we ask, and since this program is still in the early phases we are not only providing a discount on the already low price, we’re also looking forward to you joining us as a founding member who can share valuable feedback and suggestions.

What about the Private Inner Circle Facebook Group?

By joining FLOURISH, you will have continuous access to the Inner Circle Facebook Group giving you support, encouragement, and resources from the inner community of fellow learners.

Can I still schedule coaching calls with my health coach?

Absolutely! However, to keep this support package accessible to the majority of our students, the coaching calls are available as an a’la carte option which you may purchase one by one at a nominal fee.  Whether you want one call every six months or one call every week, you decide the frequency, and as a FLOURISH member you get ongoing discounts on your each of you calls with your health coach.

What is the food tracking and activity tracking?

We are very excited to introduce the capabilities to our FLOURISH members to track their food and activity.  This is all available within the exclusive mobile app.  You can easily scan the barcode on your food and the extensive database will display and log all of the nutrient info and macros into your profile.  You can also simply type the food and the database with thousands of foods will find the related food for you.  You can even take photo logs of your food.  The app also gives you the ability to track various lifestyle and fitness activities along with mental and emotional states.  The best part, is if you choose to schedule a coaching call with your health coach, your coach can review your logs and offer specific feedback and suggestions.

So why risk going at it alone when we can help you FLOURISH?

30-Day Money Back Guarantee | No Hassle. Cancel Anytime.