Hope 80/20 Inspires EPB Employees to Achieve Extraordinary Results

Six months ago, 133 EPB employees began a life-long journey toward a better quality of life by signing up for – and sticking with – EPB’s Quest program. By mid-summer there was cause for celebration with awards that recognized their achievement of realizing better physical and mental well-being.

“There is no greater feeling than helping people live a better life,” said health and wellness coach Maurice Saliba. “From day-one EPB was committed to helping people who are struggling emotionally and physically.”

Collectively, their individual success stories add up to tremendous results. For example, participants lost a total of 804 pounds and walked more than 49-million steps. Many Quest participants either reduced or eliminated the need for medication for a variety of conditions ranging from high blood pressure, diabetes, pain and depression.

“I was on blood pressure medication for ten years, but now I don’t need it anymore,” said Energy & Communications Services supervisor John Watts.

The program hinges on four basic lifestyle changes: drink plenty of water every day, get plenty of sleep, be more active and be mindful of what and what not to eat – especially at bedtime. Maurice said that for many people, wearing an activity monitor on their wrist like a Fitbit helps to keep them aware of their progress.

During the Lunch & Learn awards ceremony, David Wade thanked participating employees and said their efforts are “the purest form of teamwork. Let’s continue working together, supporting each other and keeping up the momentum.”

Employees received recognition for weight loss in the 10 pound, 20 pound and 30+ pound Clubs. For physical activity, there are the 500,000 and 1,000,000 + Steps Clubs. Members of the Life Changes Club were recognized for a range of achievements like medication reduction and major lifestyle changes.

Community Development administrative assistant Melissa Tinker said her personal milestones are the beginning of a lifelong journey toward better health and wellbeing. “I have more energy, an overall feeling of happiness and I just feel better.”


Congratulations to our 10 Pound Club honorees! Seen here from left to right, bottom row Tami Parnell. Joanne Sigafoos, Maurice, Lisa Clark and Tamara Sump. On the top row, left to right are Kelli Grimes-Ballard, Leigh Ann Cooper, Melissa Tinker and Tiffany Little. Not pictured: Nancy Hester-Alvarado, Ray Johnson, Bradley Rogers, Gene Higgins, Denise Estes, Marcus Reese and Kim Goines.

The 500,000 Steps Club includes from left to right, bottom row Dale Donaldson, Sabrina Stewart, Maurice, Brooke Hutchins and Elizabeth Hammitt. On the top row, left to right are Tamara Sump, Sandee Bingham, Todd Edwards, Chandra Hughes and Tiffany Little. Not pictured: Ketha Richardson, Kim Goines, Ray Johnson and Diego Sanchez.

Members of the 20 Pound Club include, from left to right bottom row Michael Eliason, Cassandra Jones, Maurice, Karen Thomas and Jimmy Carden. On the top row, left to right Don Pickett, Chris Reel and Chris Highers. Not pictured: Houston Thomas, Teresa Walker, Greg Duncan, Audrey Grabowski and Keisha Shepherd

Kudos to these 1,000,000 Steps Club honorees! Seen here from left to right, bottom row Teresa Clark, Sheryl Jenkins, Cynthia Greene, Sonja Newman, Maurice, Krystle Fister, Rosie Mayer, Karen Ford and Tina Cagle. On the top row, left to right are Michael Eliason, Adam Collins, Miles Mason, James Norwood, Erik Teichroew, Cassandra Jones, John Watts, Pam Baker, Chris Highers and Lisa Miller. Not pictured: William Spears, Danna Bailey, Paul Smith, Jasmin Odom, Beth Johnson and Audrey Grabowski.

30+ Pound Club members include John Watts, Krystle Fister, Maurice, Emmanuel Escobar, Erik Teichroew and William Young.

Our first Life Changes Club members include from left to right, bottom row Krystle Fister, Tamara Sump, Maurice, Brooke Hutchins and Joanne Sigafoos. On the top row, left to right are Erik Teichroew, William Young, Chris Highers and John Watts. Not pictured: Houston Thomas, Jeff West, Angela Henry, Greg Duncan, Jimmy Gill, Diana Bullock, Gene Higgins, Jason Hill and Kim Goines.



“I lost 50 pounds since January. Now I have so much more energy and my overall general health is so much better. I make it a goal of getting at least 13.000 steps a day thanks to Maurice and the Quest program.”

– Erik Teichcroew, Materials Management supervisor.



“I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and thought I had heard it all, but Maurice taught us things that I didn’t know about healthy eating and the results of a poor diet on our overall health. This man’s passion is simply contagious and his love of helping people motivated me to get results.”

– Melissa Tinker, Community Development administrative assistant

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