The Numbers You Must Know to Ensure Good Health

Blood Pressure:

Ideal: 120/70
Pre High: 140/90
Low: 90/60

Food that lowers Blood Pressure:
Dairy, Flaxseed, Chocolate, Olive Oil, Beets, Pistachios, Pomegranate, Fatty Fish, Whole Grains, Hibiscus.


Desirable: less than 200 mg
Borderline High: 200-239
High: 240+
LDL / Optimal: < 100 mg
High: 160-189
Very High: 240+
HDL / The higher the better. Low: 40 or<
Good: 40-59
Best: 60 and over

Food that lowers Cholesterol: Oats, Barley and other whole grans, Beans, Eggplant and Okra, Nuts, Vegetable oils, Apples, grapes, strawberries, citrus fruit, Fatty fish, Fiber supplements.


Ideal Level: 150 mg or less
Borderline: 150-199
High: 200-499
Very High: 500+

Food to avoid if you have high Triglycerides: Starchy Veggies, Baked beans with sugar or pork added, Too much fruit, Alcohol, Canned fish packed in oil, Coconut, Starchy Foods, Sugary Drinks, Honey or Maple Syrup, Baked Goods, High Fat Meat, Butter or Margarine,


Early morning: Ideal level: 100 or below
Pre-Diabetic: 101-120
High: 121 or above
Two hours after dinner: Ideal level: Below 128
High: 128+

Food that can help you lower blood glucose: Magnesium-rich Leafy Greens such as: Kale, spinach, romaine, turnip green and collards. Seeds: Chia, flax, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp. Cacao no more than 2 oz. per day. Almond, Whole grains and meat focusing on white meat and fish.

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