Online Diabetes Prevention Programs Work!

A recent study of 340 pre-diabetic adults proves that online diabetes prevention programs are extremely effective. In fact, a research team led by Dr. Gladys Block, scientific director of Berkeley, California’s Turnaround Health, found that participants in an online diabetes prevention program were more likely to make changes to prevent diabetes progression. These changes resulted in reduced glucose, weight, metabolic syndrome, and A1c levels.

This is big news because Hope 80/20 has just released a brand new, state-of-the-art online National Diabetes Prevention Program. Using the CDC-approved curriculum, participants are guided through the program by Maurice Saliba, a CDC-certified Diabetes Prevention Coach.

What makes the Hope 80/20 course different? To create the course, Hope 80/20 enlisted the help of an adult education expert who is also a certified instructional designer. The result is a course that is receiving rave reviews from health care professionals and students already enrolled in the course. The on-demand learning environment means participants can complete the weekly sessions at their convenience. If participants go five days without logging into the course, they receive an email reminder.

Hope 80/20 has distinguished itself as a leader in diabetes prevention education. Through the new online National Diabetes Prevention Program, people all over the world will lose weight, reduce their medication, and return to a healthier way of life. If you or someone you know needs help in these areas, the Hope 80/20 National Diabetes Prevention Program is just what you need.

With short videos, interactive learning activities, online weight and activity tracking, and more, the Hope 80/20 Diabetes Prevention Program is great for individuals and companies. The technology behind the course allows us to see the progress participants are making and offer help when the going gets tough. Don’t wait any longer. Get started on your own journey toward better health.

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