FREE Online Weight Loss & Diabetes Prevention Program

FREE Online Weight Loss & Diabetes Prevention Program

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Good news! Eligible patients can qualify for this FREE Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-recognized online program that has helped thousands of individuals lose significant weight and reverse prediabetes

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Melissa lost 52 pounds (and still counting) following Hope 80/20’s online CDC-approved Diabetes Prevention Program.

I feel I have been very successful on your program.  Eight weeks in, and I’m already down 23 pounds and very proud of myself!”

Melissa R.

I got my lab results back they have already improved…
– Total Cholesterol – went from 222 to 181
– LDL went from 130 to 114
– A1C – went from 6.6 to 6.4
– Fasting Glucose went from 157 to 112

FS – (written only 4 weeks after starting the program)

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