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Do You Want to Maximize Your Results from Our Online Program? 

Try these 6 Tips that Will Set You on the Path to Success.


  1. Define Your “Why” – Why do you want to get healthier or lose weight?  There’s no wrong answer here, but the more you feel emotionally tied to your “why”, the more likely you are to stick it out during those tough times.  Some examples of compelling “why’s” we have seen is for that bride to feel confident when she walks down the aisle on her wedding day.  Another is a new grandfather’s desire to have more energy to play with that new grandchild.  Another is a grim diagnosis which finally motivated our student to do something about her health.  So define your “why”, emotionalize it, write it down, and look at it daily.
  2. Take advantage of your FREE intake call and monthly coaching calls – Amy Hardesty, our Lead Health Coach, will be personally working with you to hear your goals, create a game plan, and touch base with you each month with a 15-minute coaching call to ensure your success. Click here to schedule your first call.
  3. Join our Hope 80/20 Inner Circle Private Facebook Group – There is that saying that iron sharpens iron.  So come get involved in a group with like-minded individuals who are going through a similar journey, fighting similar battles, and are finding success through this amazing resource of information, advice, information, accountability, and ability to engage with our coaches. Click here to join.
  4. Take the weekly sessions – The course needs to be completed in order because the videos build upon each other.  Each time you finish a session, the next session is released 5-days later.  Videos on average take only 30 minutes per week.  It is tempting to sometimes skip these, but the students that see the best results make the videos their number one priority, and you can take these anytime, anywhere that you have internet access.  
  5. Join our 30-minute weekly group coaching webinars – Each week we send out a motivational email with tips to help you.  In addition you receive an exclusive invite to our group coaching webinars.  These are an added bonus for you to dive into topics that interest you and interact with your coach and other fellow students in an online, virtual setting.
  6. Commit to a minimum of 6-weeks – We have a high success rate with the students that commit to 30-minutes per week to our program, but also keep in-mind that anything worth having took some effort to get there.  This is not an instant weight loss plan, but it is a permanent plan, if you apply what we teach.  We tell students to give us at least 6-weeks before discontinuing.  The reason is 6-weeks often times is the threshold where many of our students start to see their momentum compound.