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Melissa C.

I feel I have been very successful on your program.  Eight weeks in, and I’m already down 23 pounds and very proud of myself!

VR James

“Just wanted you to know that one of my patients who enrolled in Hope 80-20 has lost 12 pounds. He has a long way to go but an awesome start. Hope all well.”

Renita A

“Thanks for the motivation, I have logged in and I’m working very hard to catch up in the program. You are correct about life getting in the way. I will not let the stress of life keep me from living a healthy lifestyle. Have a great day!”


“I got my lab results back they have already improved…
– Total Cholesterol – went from 222 to 181
– LDL went from 130 to 114
– A1C – went from 6.6 to 6.4
– Fasting Glucose went from 157 to 112″